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I’ve always been the behind-the-scenes type of person ( #introvertedlifestyle #bornthisway #quietgirlsrock ). I was the one who volunteered to type the group projects while another person presents the work… the one who would keep score instead of being on the kickball team. Even as an adult who continues to gradually shed my social anxiety one blog entry and Instagram post at a time, I’m the one who feels more comfortable writing inspiration on a screen instead of verbally encouraging others.

One of the stars amongst one thousand suns… you know, the people whose light demands our attention. The ones who can stand in front of a room of people with articulation and ease. The ones that our attention revolves around.

I am not a sun. I am more like one of the billions of typically ignored stars in the universe. Yet, although it took me most of my life to realize it, I know now that my shine is not less than the light of the suns. It’s also not greater than the light of those suns neither.

We are all capable of shining our lights and being a source of brightness and positivity in this world. A constellation of stars is just as beautiful as the rising of the sun. We are ALL a Light.

xoxo Sheesh.

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