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Faithing It… John 1:8

One of my favorite things to do is grow in my Faith. I admit, my church attendance is miles away from perfect; still, I find myself strengthening every day through my intimate moments with God. Although worshiping in the house of the Lord is amazing, I’ve come to realize that Faith and a relationship with God doesn’t require being at church every Sunday, being consistently present at the mid-week Bible studies, or even having hundreds of scriptures memorized. It all starts with private time with yourself and the Word, sealed with prayer. And no, prayer does not have to be fancy or dramatic… a simple conversation with the Lord will do. I used to be overwhelmed with guilt over my lack of religious routines, but as I reflected on where I am in my relationship with God, it is clear that my Faith, love, and dependence on God were all I needed to be secured as His child.  

John 1:8

 The Messenger


I love this scripture! The message about John the Baptist’s purpose is awesome… it’s reassuring to someone like me, who is an introvert at heart.

What I interpreted from this word is that sometimes we are destined by God to prepare the way for others. Not everyone is destined for the spotlight or for that role of leader… some of us were created to recognize and emphasize a light of this world instead of actually being that particular light. Don’t get me wrong; I know and believe that every person is purposed to do great things and blessed with gifts that can help bring this world up (thanks to Ephesians 2:10). However, not everyone is called by God to be front and center. Some of us are purposed to be the support, motivation, encouragement, and influence that holds up the light!

John was a messenger who was given the task of spreading the word about Jesus. I believe that I am a messenger also, gifted with this passion for interpreting and writing and blessed with a testimony that can help others who also struggle with mental illness.

Who are you?


xoxo, Sheesh

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