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Starting Now.

January 2018. This has been the time of year that so many people have been anticipating. The season in which we declare to have a fresh start on life. When all through our social media forums the mantra “New year, New Me” is emphasized in capitalized and bold letters.

It is amazing how fixated so many of us are on connecting the start of a new calendar year with starting a renewed lease on how we want to live. We tend to patiently wait for the ball to drop… for our clocks to change from 11:59 PM on December 31st to 12:00 AM on January 1st… before we begin the journey of renewal and life enhancement. For me, the desire to make changes in our lives for the better is something that I value greatly; however, the struggle that I recently developed with this particular tradition of starting new in the new year is fairly simple: Why wait?

Throughout 2017, I have grown in many ways: mentally, emotionally, and in my sense of self-worth and confidence. Yet, my most significant area of growth has been spiritually. In 2017 I became saved, wholeheartedly. I was also led not only to Woman, I Am Inc., but also to my church home, New Vision International Ministries, and the women’s bible study group Purity + Peace. It was also the year that I found my therapist and began to get more invested in my mental and emotional health. In addition, this was the year I created my blog and began to dedicate my social media to more positive and meaningful content.

Want to know what makes all of these occurrences of renewal and fresh starts so special? It is the fact that my growth and the changes that enabled them occurred well after January 1st. There was no magic time frame in which I was suddenly able to make these life-enhancing changes and decisions. The only time that mattered was GOD’S TIMING!

In truth, what enabled me to grow in 2017 was Faith, Grace, Mercy, and Love. I made decisions that brought me closer to people of Faith. This led to me building up Faith in God’s timing and starting to believe that through Him all things were working for my good. Which led me to seeing, receiving, and giving His gifts of Grace and Mercy. All of which ultimately led to seasons of learning and growth!

There were many lessons learned during 2017, all of which opened my eyes to the many falsehoods that I held as truth for most of my life… among the most enlightening lessons I’ve learned is that is it never too late (or too early) to start anew! Just as we are renewed in Jesus Christ daily and with repentance, so we are also renewed in our ways of life through recognizing our need for growth and taking action towards being a Light in a world teeming with darkness.

Don’t be afraid to start NOW, in whatever place you are planted in this season.


xoxo Sheesh

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