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Who You Gonna Call?

Normally, whenever anyone mentions anything haunted I respond with an eye roll. Sure, I love the thrill of experiencing the different haunted houses and mazes during the Halloween season…but do I really think ghosts are randomly floating around houses and mazes terrorizing people? Nope. I don’t believe in haunted houses. HOWEVER, a haunted mind is a different story that I know very well.

I’m sure that I am not the only person who suffers from a haunted mind. You know your mind is haunted when your peace is suddenly snatched away by the floating apparitions of your memories. And not just any memories, but unresolved memories that you thought were securely locked away and buried deep in the corner of your mind. Sounds familiar?

For me, my mind is frequently haunted by my most guilt-ridden and shameful memories: hearing my mother bang on my locked bedroom door because she feared I succeeded on my suicidal thoughts; giving my best friend a list of things that bothered me about her; recieving inpatient care in the psychiatric wing of a hospital…twice; experimenting with drugs; and being labeled as a “cry-baby” growing up, just to name a few. I can honestly say that nothing can annihilate my happiness and peace quicker than the random appearance of a ghost memory. They stop me in my tracks…they take my breath away…they try to snub out the light I fought so hard to find. Keyword: TRY.

In the past, I let my ghost memories take over my mind and drag me into pitch black darkness. It wasn’t until an amazing “Ghostbuster” helped me to see the truth about those nasty ghost memories, and I was able to push them away. You might have heard of this “Ghostbuster”… His name is Jesus Christ.

A few months ago, when my mind was being haunted by multiple ghost memories, I stumbled upon this scripture:

“Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance” Matthew 3:7-8

Those words slammed into my mind and left an imprint on my heart. I felt like God was telling me, “Stop trying to run and hide from your past! If you want to move on, address the things you’ve done, ask me for forgiveness, and your slate will be cleared!” So, I did what I was told… I looked my past in the eyes, accepted what I did, and asked for forgiveness, not only from God but from myself. I finally stood up to the bullies of my past! And sure enough, those ghost memories no longer had any power over me. They became as harmless as ghosts running through a haunted maze in October.

Of course, there isn’t just one battle in the War of Haunted Minds. Every win that my “Ghostbuster” and I have against my ghost memories is followed up with more ghosts haunting my mind. Sometimes we go into battle once a day…sometimes its five times a day. Sometimes there are so many battles throughout the day that I want to give in and let those ghost memories win… But God!

So, go get you a “Ghostbuster”! Whether it’s a spiritual force, writing, meditation, therapy, reading, etc., what or who can help you to resolve your ghost memories? To stand up to the bullies of your mind and push them into the past where they belong? Who you gonna call?

It’s crazy how the past is never quite the past until you make it the past. You will never get over that ex until you address and accept what went wrong in the relationship. You will never stop thinking about the horrible things you’ve said to your parents until you acknowledge what you did and ask them for forgiveness. You will not be able to love yourself if you don’t reflect on your guilt and forgive yourself. Remember… Address. Accept. Release!

xoxo Sheesh




  1. Grace Webb

    Wow!!! Your inner strength and ability to defeat the unseen is truly amazing. Not to mention your style and format in paper pure mastery. I have fought the battle of the unseen for years and have found my ghost buster (Allah). Yes to be able to call guilt,shame & addiction by their proper names ghost feels great. So thanks again my beautiful,strong and intelligent niece. Love you continue to spread your wings.


  2. Rameika

    Reading your blog you made me feel like I wasn’t alone! People told me I shouldn’t tell everybody about my past because they was going to think I was crazy !!! So thank you for your strength to give us your truth .


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