SheeDiscovered… Shawanna Donique J.

My biggest fear is to live without living due to fear. Fear is my fear. You would think this revelation would hit me during times of transition in my life: high school graduation, my first “big-girl” job, turning 21. Instead, it hit me at the random age of 26 a few days into the New Year. It was then when two questions crawled into my mind: “Is it too late to live that life worth living?” and “What does it mean to live?” . The first question was much easier to answer: Of course it’s not too late to starting “living”! The second questions has yet to be answered. This blog highlights my journey to finding what authentic, full living truly means. Through reflections on personal experiences, scripture, and literature I hope to find that mysterious answer. So, here’s to discovering how to live in the most pure way possible: FAITHFULLY FEARLESS.

xoxo Sheesh